Smart Vital Kiosk

Empowering Safety and Confidence Anywhere, Anytime

Smart Vital Kiosk is a configurable standalone kiosk that leverages Vital Intelligence’s core vitals detection technology to provide real-time biometric insights in seconds.

Highly accurate

thermal camera

Smart Vital Kiosk measures temperature at the inner canthus, achieving a more effective and reliable temperature read.

Vital Intelligence software designed by Draganfly

Proprietary software built by Draganfly captures breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and more for a
multi-dimensional screen.

Configurable data


Smart Vital Kiosk is configurable to your needs; the kiosk can be set up to anonymize data, collect and store data, or anywhere in between.

Direct delivery, installation,

and training

No assembly required. Our team can manage installation from start to finish or train staff on self-installation processes if desired.

Ongoing technical support

and troubleshooting

Robust support resources will help your team get the most value out of your investment.

Implementation in Just 4 Steps



Work with Vital Intelligence to determine the optimal placement of the Smart Vital Kiosk and complete an installation site pre-assessment.



Smart Vital Kiosk comes ready to use with no additional assembly required. Activate it in minutes on your own or with the help of the Vital Intelligence team.

Training & Configuration

Our team works with you to onboard to the Smart Vital Kiosk’s hardware and software and customize your reporting and notification settings.



You’ll get ongoing post-installation support to ensure Smart Vital Kiosk is effective, operational, and delivering the data you need.

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