What is Smart Vital?

Smart Vital is Draganfly’s groundbreaking wellness and safety system* . Draganfly has partnered with Fobi to deliver the next generation in access management.

Vital Screening

Wallet Pass
result delivery

*The system does not register any personal data of the individual being screened.

How It Works

Step 1


Users follow the link sent by Fobi to enter their contact information and download their wallet pass.

Step 2

Pre-Screen via phone

Using the link on the back of the Fobi Wallet pass, users can self-screen by recording a 15-30 second video of themselves and complete temperature screening at a Draganfly Smart Vital Kiosk.

Step 3

Visit a Smart Vital Kiosk

Scan the QR code on the Fobi Wallet pass to start screening vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and temperature using Draganfly’s Smart Vital Kiosk.

Step 4


All Smart Vital results are delivered directly to users’ Fobi Wallet passes.

Step 5


The operator can validate a verified Fobi Wallet pass visually or with Fobi Smart Tap and Smart Scan products.

Step 6

Data Analysis

User data is stored securely for contact tracing and entrance/exit tracking.


The future is contactless and so is Smart Vital. With digital Wallet passes and contactless validation, guests can access biometric results provided by Draganfly directly in their mobile Wallets – with no need to download an app.

With White labelled screening passes, you can create a fully customizable look and feel that fits your business needs. 

Be ready to take on ever-changing government mandates with ease with a solution that can verify vital signs.
Give your customer the peace of mind they deserve by staying compliant with the latest advisories and warnings.

Eliminate line-ups with all automated processes with no need for additional staff training or manual screening. Increase average spend at your venue with fast-tracked entry.

Who We Support

Screen staff & guests in accordance with local Screen staff & guests in accordance with local guidelines. Easily manage large visitor volumes from different countries & regions.

Get specialized functionality to address unique wellness & safety needs on campus, including emergency alerts, multifunctional ID, & stored value for purchases.

Smart Vital helps brick & mortar retailers comply with changing guidelines and protect staff & shoppers in store.

Screen guests faster & minimize queuing with an app-less solution that can link directly to fans’ digital ticket – or replace their ticket entirely. Wallet pass technology also enables mobile marketing, stored value, and more.

From the jobsite to the office, from the warehouse to the shop floor; Smart Vital makes it easy to screen employees in accordance with organizational guidelines.

Developed with advanced data security & interoperability as core features from day one, Smart Vital is a secure and dependable choice for government & public sector organizations that require a flexible and easily scalable wellness screening solution.

Download the Smart Vital Fact Sheet

Learn more about how you can become a digital leader in wellness and safety.