Turning Cameras into

Human Insight Systems

Vital Intelligence is software that uses video feed from simple RGB cameras to measure biometric data and share human experience and health insights.

How It Works

Machine Learning + Computer Vision

Vital Intelligence layers a machine learning algorithm on top of live video feeds to collect human biometric data, sharing those insights with you to learn from so you can improve your business.


Vital Intelligence SDK Vital Intelligence
Mobile Application
Vital Intelligence
Smart Vital Kiosk
Installation Collaborate with the Draganfly Vital Intelligence team to integrate Smart Vital technology into your existing platform Robust web or mobile application can be deployed on any mobile device with a camera White label deployments available Turnkey hardware solution suitable for large events, arrival or back of house screening.
Hardware Needs Leverage existing camera network, including user devices via the Vital Intelligence API Any mobile phone or tablet with a camera None - all hardware is provided
Use Case Health and wellness monitoring, first responders, patient intake screening Health and wellness monitoring, first responders, patient intake screening Point of entry screening, patient intake
Thermography Requires Additional Thermal Camera Requires Additional Thermal Camera Included
(Heart rate, SpO2, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure)
Included Included Included
Analytics Included Included Included


Easy to


VI can be deployed on nearly any existing RGB camera and doesn’t require expensive hardware or installation.

One System,

Many Measurements

VI measures a wide array of vital signs, including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen saturation.

Data Analysis

Designed for You

VI can flex to meet your data needs. We can anonymize all data, share a full data profile, or select just the elements you need.

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